Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons | Crystal Ballroom  - Jensen Beach, FL

Individual Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Taking Adult Ballroom Dance Classes with us will ensure you will never again have to worry about having “two left feet” on the dance floor. You’ll learn all the styles, from International to American. Some of the Ballroom Dance Classes taught will include:

• Bolero
• Cha Cha
• East Coast Swing
• Foxtrot
• Quickstep
• Rumba
• Tango
• Viennese Waltz
• Waltz

Individual Lessons | Crystal Ballroom  - Jensen Beach, FLStudents taking our Adult Ballroom Dance Classes will also learn about the cultural background of each dance. For example, the Cha Cha is a high-energy, flirty style of dance. It has heavy Cuban influences and is filled with energy.
The Foxtrot is a smooth, flowing dance, easy for beginners just starting their Ballroom Dancing Lessons. The Quickstep is a faster version of the Foxtrot, and its fancy footwork makes it the most challenging dance of all to learn. No matter what your experience level, stop by our studio and improve your skills with our Ballroom Dancing Lessons.