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Students taking Ballroom Dance Lessons at Crystal Ballroom in will learn the difference between International Standard and American Smooth ballroom dancing. Ballroom Dance Lessons provide an opportunity to practice the basics of each dance. With International Standard the dancers must remain close together at all times. American Smooth is a more relaxed style allowing the woman to move on her own.

The tempo and pace of the two styles differ as well. The American Smooth versions of the Foxtrot and the Viennese Waltz are danced to a faster beat than International Standard versions of the dances. By comparison, when students dance to the American Smooth version of the Waltz and the Tango, the tempo is slower than International Standard.

The Crystal Ballroom in welcomes all dancers from Stuart FL, from beginner through the advanced levels. Our experienced staff will guide you every step of the way. Try a few Ballroom Dancing Lessons with them and you’ll soon be floating smoothly across the floor.

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